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Sunchaser Charters

These are a few of the letters that have been sent to Dan:

    • Dear Dan,
      We felt we had to write to say thank you for the incredible experience at the Khutzeymateen Inlet. We had a fantastic time and are so grateful to you for creating such an amazing, unique spot which gave us the chance to share in the grizzlies’life close up.
      We really enjoyed your hospitality and our stay on the Sunchaser and are very impressed with your passion for the grizzlies and their environment. Your statement that “we are guest here and everything is on the agenda of the bears, not on ours” has made a lasting impression on us!
      Thanks again for a wonderful time!
      Best Regards,

Mechthild and Sven
Khutzeymateen Inlet – June 2010


  • Sandy, Dan,
    Since our trip with you, not a day goes by that we thought about it. Thanks to you, we were able to approach and observe the bears as we would never have dreamed to do so. In addition, we spent five days with two remarkable people for their energy and their passion. How can we thank you enough for all of this…? I don’t think we can…However, thank you 1000 times for these five days in paradise (of bears).

Cyril Dhenin

Two people toasting