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Sunchaser Charters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Does Sunchaser Charters take clients up the grassy estuary in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary where the best grizzly bear viewing is?
A – Yes, we were instrumental in creating the sanctuary and are permitted by B.C Parks to take clients up the grassy estuary where the majority of the grizzlies reside and the best viewing is.

Q – Are there mosquitoes in the Khutzeymateen?
A – There are no mosquitoes in the Khutzeymateen where we operate, but they are in the deep forest where we don’t go. We do have some no-se-ums, small midges, but their bite in rather small and most of the time there is a wind so they are not a problem.

Q – Can you charge my camera batteries?
A – Yes, we can.

Q – Do you supply bedding?
A – Yes, all clean bedding is supplied.

Q – I’m a vegetarian, can you accommodate me?
A – Yes, if we have advance notice of your dietary needs.

Q – Do you serve wine onboard?
A – Yes, we serve a standard house wine at the evening meal, [one or two glasses per day]. Please feel free to bring your own preference if you like.

A sleeping bear

Bears even sleep on trees

A wolf pauses after his swim

A wolf emerges from the water of the Khutzeymateen