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Khutzeymateen general day to day itinerary

The Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary is situated at the head of a stunning12 kilometer inlet, the Khutzeymateen Inlet and is climaxed with a beautiful lush green estuary at the end. The mountains are carpeted with evergreens and rise into the clouds on both sides of the inlet. It is a garden jewel on planet Earth. The grizzlies frequent the estuary and the last 5 kilometers of the inlet, so this is where we do the majority of our viewing.

We can only go up the estuary on a rising tide and do so everyday for at least 2 -4 hours or longer. We do this in a large inflatable boat.

We also cruise the inlet daily looking for grizzlies eating the tender sedge grasses, and when spotted we will observe them from the deck of the yacht or in the inflatable. We make that decision at the time depending on the bear.

Three meals are served daily, not necessary at the same time depending on the viewing situation.

This is a wild grizzly kingdom and viewing changes daily, seasonally and yearly, depending on the cycle the bears are in, example [with cubs, mating, weaning etc.]

Everyday clients are given a hour or so of free time. They can either kayak, canoe or sleep if they wish, that is up to them.

We generally rise at 6am and retire around 9pm.

Most say it has been the best trip of their lives.

Grizzly bears and kayak

Grizzly Bears follow alongside a kayaker

A bear looks up the Khutzeymateen Valley

A Bear looks up the Khutzeymateen Valley